A New Policy For Tel Domains

News letter from name.com (Fri Mar 3 04:30:56 2017)
A new policy for .TEL domains
Hello Customers, Since you have .TEL registrations, we wanted to let you know about some pretty big changes going from the .TEL registry that affect how your domain can be used.
  • As of Mar. 13th, 2017 restrictions on .TEL will be lifted so you can use your .TEL domains however you’d like, rather than being required to use Telhosting.
  • The old Telhosting platform will be shut down on March 13, and features like search and subdomains will no longer work. If you want your data, you are advised to back up your domain data from the current platform using the BACKUP function as soon as possible and by the 12th of March 2017 at the latest.
  • A new Telhosting platform will take its place, and is now optional. The .TEL registry will email you directly with your account details. If you have questions regarding this, please email Telnic at cservice@telnic.org.

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